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Grandysoft team

A young team, a reliable partner that will help you make your product successful!

Creating a new product is a serious step, because you choose not just a team for software development, but also a partner. By working with us you will get a reliable partner who will take full care of our product.
Our goal is long-term cooperation with partners, that is why our team will do everything possible to make OUR PRODUCT successful! Contact us and we will prove it to you.

We are a team of developers who are highly skilled at:

We are experts in developing popular high-quality SaaS systems using cutting-edge technologies.

We do what we can do best!

GrandySoft is a company founded in 2019 with a team of professional developers.

Creative team

If you have an idea and you want to implement it we can help you create a plan, user design, MVP, etc. You can just explain your idea, and we will do our best to bring it to life.

Geek team

You can hire a team of engineers with high-level experience.

Universal team

Each member of our team does his own task but can take over the responsibilities of a project manager or a tester if it's necessary.

Nazar Yaroshchenko

Front-End Developer

Nazar’s exciting journey with GrandySoft started in 2022. As Front-End Developer at the company, he is responsible for performing technical tasks of varying complexity. He works with such stacks as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Typescript,

Dmytro Didyk

Front-End Developer

With over seven years of professional experience in the internet industry, Dmytro joined GrandySoft 3 years ago, just over a year after the company was founded. He has rich experience implementing React.js/Redux and TypeScript

Nikita Chopenko

Back-End Developer

Nikita joined us as the Junior Back-End Developer in 2021, applying his knowledge of software engineering to expand GrandySoft globally. He holds a specialization in Software Engineering. His strength in node.js, PHP and his

Konstantyn Kliukhyn

Front-End Developer

Konstantyn teamed up with GrandySoft in 2022 and since then has been working on the Otterfish project. He is skilled in front-end stacks (HTML, CSS, React, Redux, Next, TS, Apollo Client, react-router), as well

Pavel Shevchuk

Front-End Developer

Pavel has been with the company since November 2022. Before joining the GrandySoft team, he was only involved in his pet projects. He is fond of Artificial Intelligence and plans to develop his projects

Vladyslav Holovko

Front-End Developer

Vlad has been with the company since 2020. He worked on two large projects as a Front-End Developer and was responsible for tasks of different complexity, code review, and assistance to new employees. Currently,

Ivan Adoniev

Front-End Developer

Ivan joined the company in 2022, and today, as Front-End Developer, he uses such layout languages as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and TypeScript, and also works with Material UI, React, and Redux libraries. At the

Andrii Korniienko

Full Stack Developer

Andrii is a front-end web developer specializing in JavaScript technologies, as well as backend development experience specializing in Python technologies. He is passionate about AI. Working on some of the most challenging projects is

Oleh Masonkov

Project Manager

Oleh joined GrandySoft in 2022, and today, as a Project Manager, his mission is to provide feedback between the team and customers and bring down the barriers for the team. He creates plans and

Illia Holub

QA Engineer

As a member of the team since 2021, Illia skillfully combines work at the company, graduate studies, and his favorite hobbies. Illia successfully works on several projects in the company. He holds a QA

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